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We like to think of it as a music video and marketing photos for your business. Take a viewer into what you do, and you doing it best. We craft and edit so your video is really you.
Ready to  increase
 your SEO trail and spike engagement?

Here's how the process works:
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We’ll bring all the gear and take the shots. Whether we’ll need to pose or do live events (such as your kitchen, studio, or venue), we’re skilled in taking these shots and letting people do their thing - as well as directing people who've never been on camera to make sure the process is as fun and chill as possible. 

Two weeks after your shoot, we'll do a little reveal in our office over coffee, or come to you with a laptop. You’ll get all the formats you need to publish your video ASAP, and easy-to-navigate folders that will make you feel zen. (we get a little obsessive on our folders; it's a lifestyle). 

1. Creative meetin

2. production

We meet up to go over your vision, and if needed—we'll come by and check out your space. We’ll agree on a concept/energy of the video that’s authentic to your business, and set some times for optimal filming to get what we need. If it's not in your space, we’ve also got some good location ideas and know great studio space rentals. 


Business have named the top 3 things getting in the way of creating video: 

  • 66% don’t make videos because they think it’s too time-consuming.
  • 41% don’t make videos because they think it’s too complicated
  • 37% don’t make videos because they think it’s too expensive.

This is what our package is for. We're taking the hassle out of getting good, cinematic video for your business. We'll walk you through our customized process of getting website/social video that will get that SEO sauce. 

And with our organization system, no more loose files (think of that one great pic you took, but can’t remember where it is). That way, anyone—even your cat—could go back and find everything. You got s$#@ to do!  

*source: Biteable 
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 A person spends 100 minutes a day consuming online videos.

 It's no joke; videos are the Beyoncé of the online world. 85% of people want to see more of it from brands. And by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.

Translation: you want viewers to stay longer on your website or increase your audience? The surefire way is to show them a quality video. It's like a B12 shot for your engagement. It's a funnel to your clickability; 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Think about the last time you enjoyed a video on your computer or phone. If that came from a brand, it made you like them more. In marketing speak this means building trust and brand loyalty. The stats show time and time again there's a magic formula for getting
marketing gold. We'd love to be your Chief Alchemist!  


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It's the most poetic statistic we've heard:  1 minute of video is the equivalent 1.8 million words.

There is a video potion that keeps people around. It sounds cliche, but strategy is everything when you want engagement. And that includes how long your video is. At our meeting, we can break down why we structure your video for 60-seconds or less.

Not sure where to begin? You don't have to have it all figured out. Let's start a conversation. We'll lead the way. 

Still have questions? Want to try a free consultation?
Send us a quick note, we'd love to help!


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