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NWFF: A few resources

First, here's a chill playlist for emailing/editing/whatever:

Ok, now let's get really nerdy about editing!

Resources I've found invaluable to helping me become a better editor:


As I've mentioned, the best thing you can do to up your editing game is learn the fundamentals of good storytelling. What shakes us to the core as human beings in a beautiful story has been the same for thousands of years. There's a reason Sundance can be won by someone who shot their film on an iPhone. Even if you're just doing an interview or promo video; there are principles that apply whatever he editing content.

Art of the Cut

This book has helped me so much on my first film. I would go to sleep reading it. It's a compilation of interviews with the best editors in the world. Oscar-winners talk working with directors, and how the process looks on the biggest movies/shows you've seen.

Story by Robert McKee

Storytelling is the currency of human connection. I wish I knew this earlier. You look at the world in a different way once you know how stories are told. If that doesn't convince you, maybe this excerpt will:

The Hero's Journey

This book inspired Star Wars, Lion King, The Matrix and just about every other film in modern-day history down the road. Joseph Campbell is also the coolest. During the Great Depression he spent five years in the wilderness consuming books (that's 9 hours of reading every. single. day). He devoted his life to studying mythology, and discovered the common thread in some of the most famous stories we know.

If you're in the mood for viewing stuff, here's a free documentary on it.


The best editing is the editing you don't notice. This is about the macro of editing. It's subtle changes you do that transform a scene. I'm talking surgery frame by frame. I've looked at the shittiest footage and have been able to craft a structural flow. Here's a few free things that imparted this knowledge to me:


If you watch anything in this bevy of resources, watch this. This is a beautifully narrated scientific explanation of what matters the most in your edit.


Told by well-known editor Vashi Nedomansky, ACE, who developed the very famous and super useful "Pancake Method" in editing. You want to listen to this dude. He's brought on by motion-picture studios to train editing teams. This is like being the editor Yoda. Showing elite Oscar and Emmy-winning editors how to edit. Can you imagine?!

Every frame a painting YOUTUBE

This is my favorite episode. It talks about Satoshi Kon, who is an ingenious anime director that's inspired movies like Inception and The Matrix. Anime is incredibly inspiring for editing.

Speaking of anime, here's a few streaming right now that are great:


Flavors of Youth on Netflix

One of the best stories I've seen. A brilliant life story in less than 5 minutes?! I can't.



Here's a new thing being tested: bringing in an editor while the screenplay is being written. That's what this director did, and has some great points to consider for any director/writer.


Art of the Cut

Editors talking to editors about making movies and hit TV shows. This links to the episode where awesomely nice host Steve Hullfish talks to a Game of Thrones editor.

Noam Kroll

Noam is a very cool Canadian who has made, edited and distributed successful films on a micro-budget. He is an incredibly nice human that has so many resources for filmmakers.


Alex Ferrari is a great pep-talker. He interviews many filmmakers who've gone through struggle city in the indie film hustle, and breaks down concretely how to make money. It's super inspiring with a lot of takeaway.


For getting better at editing: Free editing course

This isn't teaching flashy tricks as much as it's crafting your story (AKA an editor's best friend). Foundational stuff about work work work work work.

For people making non-fiction stuff: Free editing e-book (for documentaries)

Karen Everett runs an edit team that resuscitates documentaries in the tangles of bad plots. Many a stressed director she's worked with have gone on to win festivals. I can't believe this book is free!

Hope you get some good stuff out of this :) Best of luck editing!


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