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short, visually stunning videos that captivate your audience 

Let's make cinematic visuals for content creation. You'll receive beautifully-made short films tailored to your story, and a collection of clips that are ready to post.

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Powerful videos less than :20 seconds. Visuals are crafted around a moment, inviting the viewer to pause and take notice. Created with the intention of authentic engagement.

Short narratives and thoughtful doc-style films that are for editorial pieces, music videos, fashion brands, visual albums, art collaborations and much more.

Vertical or horizontal, we create stories that are uniquely memorable in the sea of chatter. They create the mood, the meaning, the memory. Poetic soundscapes and soulful visuals. 

minivibe | Hala Mana Aura

"Let's make a sound bath music video," Was the ask I got from Nicky of Mana Aura, who asked me to film her performing within Rebecca Lousie Law's Awakening installation at the Honolulu Art Museum. We never see creative visuals of experiencing a sound bath, and this is what I sought to do. A sensuous celebration with light-infused visuals. 


Years ago, I found myself lying down in an open pagoda, full of stars and owls in Costa Rica’s protected Cloud Forest. I was off-grid at yoga teacher training. This happened to be the place I experienced my first sound bath. I had no idea how transformed I would be. I remember it still so vividly. 


This inspired Nicky's visuals. These sounds slowly building into a cathedral of energy, dancing on flowers and over our skin. I wanted to evoke that iridescent-like feeling by creating effects to show the transformative relationship with our own energy.


Enter the Goddess herself, Nicky, who channeled  her Guanyin, the Chinese Bodhisattva, for this story. Nicky herself resonating ethereal lusciousness; ushering an awakening of our inner peace with her talents.

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microfilm | Los Clavos Surf

Your body waking up at dawn is a feeling surfers know in their soul. It's a marvelous feeling of peace, and it has nothing to do with skill level. It is about connecting with the ocean. This film was shot for a surf camp tucked between the wild, untouched beaches in Nicaragua's south shores. It is an ode to the pause, this morning ritual of breathing and observing the ocean before surfboard and skin touch the water. 

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