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 someone I used to know

This is a short film that celebrates the goodbye of young love. There is no dialogue, as I believe memory isn't about an exact script. I want the viewer to connect with the truth in the actor's eyes and movements, as all these scenes are crafted from my own memories. It is about how a lover's eyes felt and how the light was; these vignettes of our life that don’t have a sense of time. I believe the simplest moments are where we find our own stories, even if they happened differently. I wanted it to be honest in a female way, blending a real-life and romanticized aesthetic. This film is about the courage it takes to honor our truth when there is so much to leave behind. It is a love letter to women in their 20s, figuring things out with a naively beautiful intensity.

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microfilm the p a u s e

Your body waking up at dawn is a feeling surfers know in their soul. It's a marvelous feeling of peace, and it has nothing to do with skill level. It is about connecting with the ocean. This film was shot for a surf camp tucked between the wild, untouched beaches in Nicaragua's south shores. It is an ode to the pause, this morning ritual of breathing and observing the ocean before surfboard and skin touch the water. 

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Creating vessels of mindfulness with a bit of old world alchemy, Susanna wanted that aesthetic in a film about the sacred process behind her art. I combined slow, melty visuals and macros of her work as wood-fired potter and jewelry maker, with fluid-like transitions. Susanna's intention is for her pieces to cultivate a sense of reverence for the natural world, and connection people to the magic of the present moment.

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