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"I illuminate connections through a female gaze." 

 Cris Romento
Director, Big Aloha Pictures

I’m Cris. I am a Native Hawaiian Director sharing healing, joyful stories about women, our planet and indigenous cultures.

Indigeneity is something I feel in my body. This is how I create films.


I want people to feel first before they understand. I am guided by matriarchal wisdom. My ancestral lineages are in Kauaʻi, the Phillipines and México. Understanding my own sacred connections informs my work.


Creating from a feminist lens means creating wholeness. My visuals are soft and nurturing; expressing a deeper connection with our planet and selves. I want to illuminate humanity. In women-focused stories, I believe it is meaningful to see a woman’s beauty through her own eyes. I am creating from the depths of this wholeness. When we see a woman connected to her highest self, we are all more radiant. I am about nurturing our senses to create a bodied experience. I've worked and lived across the country in places like NYC and Austin, and overseas in Saudi Arabia and Europe. All of this has helped me understand we all crave the same things; to feel a little less alone. I want to create relatable, accessible films that release that spark inside of us. 



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