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films that feel good.

Creating healing, joyful films and doc-style content for artists, our planet, Native culture and more. 

In the world of chatter,

Big Aloha Pictures is all about slowing down the scroll. We make artful, intentional visuals that evoke 

deep peace, connection,

and beauty.


In Hawaiʻi, there is the word naʻau. It means to feel first with your gut. It is our place of intuitive knowing. This means work that is profoundly felt, not just seen. Working from this place means making memorable content that sparks an emotional response. 


It is about crafting a lush world in seconds. Sculpting light, visuals and sound to evoke authentic stories. Transcendental films inspired by a moment.  

Cris Romento is a Kānaka Maoli Director telling healing, joyful stories through a female gaze. Her work celebrates women, Native culture, and our planet. She draws on her matriarchal lineage from México, Philippines and Hawaiʻi to create intuitive visuals and intimate connections.


From storyboarding, creative directing and editing, we provide full concept to illuminate your story.  

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Micro.films & Mini.vibes are a way to captivate your audience through social media. Developed for Instagram Stories, ads, reels and YouTube. 

 You deeply care about what you put out in the world. You need a director that understands the artistry of your work and translate it into a cinematic, timeless video that inspires your audience to be present.

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